TikTok Teen Looks So Much Like Ariana Grande, Fans Are Terrified

For each prominent big name, there’s a carbon copy. Be that as it may, few are as alarmingly uncanny as Paige Niemann – an Ariana Grande doppelganger.


Paige was only 10 years of age when her friends began to contrast her with the pop star in the play area.


Presently, after four years, the 14-year-old has built up herself as one of the most genuine carbon copies on the web – with an astounding one million devotees on TikTok to demonstrate it.


Subsequent to requesting that her mum do her cosmetics simply like the thank u, next artist, Paige began to get a couple of stunts to a great extent. The more she posted on Instagram, the more consideration she pulled in from Ariana fans – presently, the youthful carbon copy has in excess of 115,000 adherents.


The adolescent ascribes their comparative appearance to the way that both she and Ariana, 26, are Italian-American (the hotshot’s full last name is Grande-Butera, and she portrays herself as half-Sicilian and half-Abruzzese).


Paige has accomplished such a significant level of online reputation that she shares her own supported substance as an influencer. Be that as it may, while numerous Ariana fans respect Paige, others are a lot nastier – sentencing the teenager for attempting to ‘be her’.


Indeed, even Grande has seen Paige’s posts. The popstar tweeted in light of a TikTok: ‘I simply wonder whyyyy the feline voice/exchange. I am certain she is the best sweet darling forreal !! be that as it may, it’s definitley odd seeing individuals mix the two universes lmao.’


Paige told Dazed in a meeting recently:


I thought she was so dazzling, it was such a gigantic respect. At the point when I began to do my resembles her a portion of her fans are extremely sweet, yet the other half are the meanest individuals I have ever observed on the web.


Ariana fans get so affronted when individuals do anything like Ariana. They’ll resemble ‘act naturally’, or that they don’t care for individuals taking, or that there is just a single Ariana, that I’ll never be her.


For instance, on one of the high schooler’s most recent posts, one client composed: ‘She looks progressively like Ariana then Ariana looks like Ariana.’ Another praised Paige: ‘Wow young lady you are so beautiful.’


One Twitter client, sharing the youngster’s posts, composed: ‘I recently found that Ariana carbon copy from TikTok and now I’m frightened… yet additionally serene desirous.’


In any case, at the opposite finish of the range, one supporter remarked: ‘It’s somewhat freaky not going to mislead anybody. For what reason be another person when you can act naturally? We as of now have an Ariana Grande we needn’t bother with another.’


Be that as it may, the haters aren’t getting Paige down. She included:


I couldn’t care less what haters state. I’m simply going to continue doing what satisfies me, and looking like Ariana fulfills me.

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